The roots of the business...

 Thoma Meat Market began in 1945 by serving retail customers in Saxonburg and the surrounding communities with the very best in beef, pork and chicken products.  Through the years, we have expanded to include additional foods and services for our local customers.  Our list of clients has grown to include wholesalers and other retailers in the tri-county area.  

Federally inspected, old fashioned butcher shop and meat market, we produce a complete line of our own meat products under the Thoma brand name.  Our store is nestled in the farmlands of Western PA, where we have been for over 70 years.  Our ingredients come from hand selected cattle and hogs purchased from local farmers and livestock auctions.  Our processes for making our meat products and many of our recipes have been passed down for generations, and they remain unchanged. 

Thoma Meat Market began with two people and has now grown to a team of over 20 employees.  Each day we do everything on site from working with local farmers, attending local livestock sales, butchering all animals on-site under inspection, cutting all products and custom orders, smoking and processing specialty products in our smokehouse, to a full grocery retail store.  

Regardless of what it takes, it will always be our primary purpose and our passion to provide the very best for those who we serve.  We are grateful for what we have inherited.  Our commitment to continuing the Thoma heritage of quality will not change.  Please explore our website to see what we have to offer, or better yet come in and see us!

The new butcher in town!

 This photo is from a local paper introducing Paul and Dorothy as the new butcher in town.  The building in this photo was located on Main Street Saxonburg for the first few years of business before we moved down the road to expand.  

Paul & Dorothy Thoma

 The above photo is of Mr. Paul Thoma and his wife Dorothy, the first generation of Thoma Meats. Along with their kids, they are  in front of the first delivery truck - at the new building.  The building in the background of this picture is still the original building of what our store and butcher shop is today. We have added on a bit, but the original boards and memories are still here. 

Wayne & Junior

 Wayne (left) and Paul Jr. (right) are Paul & Dorothy's sons.  They took over the business & continued to run, operate, & build what Thoma's is today.  In this photo, they are standing in the smoke house, which happens to be the same building that is across the street of the store building.  They have since retired, but you will still see them on the cutting floor or making deliveries! 

Passing it on to the next generation

 Wayne & Junior are passing the torch to their sons, Tim and Brian, in 2001.  Tim and Brian are cousins and the partners who are responsible for Thoma Meat Market today! 

Brian & Tim

 Brian (left) and Tim (right) have taken over. This picture was taken in front of the same section of the market as the picture above of Paul and Dorothy....this time with the new Ford delivery truck. 



748 Dinnerbell Road, Saxonburg, Pennsylvania 16056, United States

CALL US AT 724-352-2020



Route 8 from the North:

 Follow Route 8 South out of Butler, PA for 7.5 miles. Turn Left onto Dinnerbell Road (at a light), and continue for 5 miles. Thoma's will be on your right. 

Route 8 from the South:

Follow Route 8 North from the PA Turnpike for 10.5 miles, or North of the Route 228 intersection for 3.9 miles (if you are coming from the west). Turn Right onto Dinnerbell Road (at a light), and continue for 5 miles. Thoma's will be on your right.  

Route 28:

Exit 16 is Route 908.  Take the exit and head west on 908 for less than a mile to a blinking light (Ekastown Road). Turn right onto Ekastown Road and drive for 5.7 miles. Get ready to turn just past Saxon Golf Course. Turn right onto Freeport Street and follow to a stop sign -- about 1.8 miles. Turn Left onto Main Street in Saxonburg and follow for 1.2 miles.  Thoma's is on your left.